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Deluxe Leather VIP Sling - Full set

Deluxe leather sling VIP  by The Red

This is the most comfortable sling on the market.

Slightly curved in shape and equipped with several cushions on the kidneys, head and back for an ultra comfortable position!

The sling is held in place by a transverse metal bar to be hung on one or two points on the ceiling or on our metal frame (MF9) with the MF17 support.

The padded foot supports can be positioned in several places on the central bar.

The poppers to carry with you thanks to these two side pockets.

For more effects, attach your sling with our giant springs ( Take precautions by putting a rope or safety chain between the hook and the spring;

The experience of being a "Very Important Passive" is finally possible!

Can support up to 200kg


Leather sling

1 x Leather Head cushion 

1 x Leather Back cushion

1 x Leather Kidney cushion

1 x Cross bar black

2 x Leather Foot support

2 x Aroma bottle holder

8 x Carabiners

2 x 0.50cm chains

1 x Storage Bag

Total Weight: 10.90kg with carton box

Premium quality leather - Vegetable tanned


Data sheet

Made in EUROPE
Leather COW
  • RED017BK/BK
  • New